Four Different Types of Pecans

December 31, 2009

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have had a good experience this fall with the pecans and pecan trees at the house where we are living. I have gathered many more pecans than we could ever eat so we have enjoyed giving them away to friends and family. Since I prefer to give away cracked pecans, I have spent many hours in the garage with a hammer cracking pecans. I’ve looked at a lot of pecans during this time and I’ve had a lot of  time to think while I do the cracking. The following is something that came to mind and is my adaptation of Jesus’ parable in Matthew 13, Mark 4, and Luke 8.

There once was a man who had several pecan trees. He began to gather and crack the pecans. Here is what he found.


One tree was near a busy street and had branches which hung over the street and driveway. On one particular day, the man came home to find someone else gathering the pecans which were near the street. There were also squirrels which took pecans. Also, sometimes the squirrels would just partially eat a pecan and leave the rest. The most frustrating thing was that some pecans would get stepped on or run over by a car and crushed.


Some pecans looked good on the outside but when they were cracked, the man discovered that they were shriveled on the inside. They were partially formed but were not properly developed. These were discarded.


Some of the pecans looked good on the outside but when he looked closely, he noticed a small hole somewhere in the shell. When these pecans were cracked, he found that there was a worm inside the shell. It had bored a small hole through the shell and crawled inside. The worm had eaten the meat of the pecan and now it was rotten inside. The pecans were discarded too.


Some pecans when cracked revealed a beautiful, meaty, nut. These were delicious and many people enjoyed snacking on these pecans. Some people made pies or candy treats. The man’s wife made some chocolate chip cookies and put lots of pecans in the cookie dough. The man ate lots of the cookie dough with pecans and some of the dough was also baked into cookies. They were delicious.



  1. Love it 🙂

    Kristin and I talked about this parable last Sunday together. Good parallels here.

  2. Tracy, great parable. I have heard something similar. We have a walnut tree, and have some of the same experiences as you do with pecans. However, I have never thought very deeply about it. Thanks. Glad someone is thinking. Plus, I like pecans better!


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